Further details regarding BAHNO 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting abstracts will be available in due course.


BAHNO @BAHNOOfficial Mar 31, 2020

Proposal for UK Head and Neck Oncology Collaborative with NHSE to answer: Which resections offer most benefit? Who prioritises cases? Email a point of contact with MDT geographical details to: secretariat@bahno.org.uk https://t.co/JdKwrs1Npx @BrennanSurgeon @justinroe

BAHNO @BAHNOOfficial Mar 31, 2020

COVID-SURG CANCER This @BAHNOOfficial cohort study will capture the safety of head & neck cancer surgery, delays in surgery, and changing practice in the covid-19 pandemic   Register your hospital here https://t.co/EWDUcXqvDP https://t.co/E4U5VQokxQ @BrennanSurgeon @justinroe