BAHNO @BAHNOOfficial Jul 25, 2021

SLTs play an essential role in head and neck patients. Their care can provide patients with real quality of life. https://t.co/NJqq0NmJAw

BAHNO @BAHNOOfficial Jul 05, 2021

Are you involved in assessing patients with swallowing/voice symptoms suggestive of cancer? Do you have views on SLT-led clinics for lower risk patients? Researchers want to speak to ENT, MaxFac, UGI, Gastro and Radiology Consultants to learn more: https://t.co/Rf31V4LJqU

BAHNO @BAHNOOfficial Jul 05, 2021

Will be an excellent resource for all trainees or those with an interest! https://t.co/ASKlaapCZ9