BAHNO 2024 is fully booked and we are unable to accept any further registrations due to the venue capacity limit. Therefore on-site registrations will not be accepted on the day. Please do not come to the venue in the hope that a late registration will be possible, as our team will not be able to accommodate you.


We are pleased to offer a super early bird fee at amazing prices. This is limited at 100 tickets. Book now or get in touch with our team asap at academia.bbmuk@bbraun.com if you require an invoice. Don’t miss out!

Early bird registration closes Sunday 28th April at 23:59 GMT/BST.

Standard/late tickets and final registration closes Thursday 16th May at 23:59 GMT/BST. Please note, these fees are significantly higher than the early bird rates. We strongly encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment. Although the venue capacity is larger in 2024, the event is increasingly popular and space will be limited. If your registration is made after 1st May, we cannot guarantee that you will be catered for appropriately.

Onsite registrations will not be accepted at the venue.



MEMBER Consultants  £         150.00
MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         120.00
MEMBER Affiliates  £         100.00
MEMBER Honorary/Senior Members  £         100.00
NON-MEMBER Consultants  £         220.00
NON-MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         150.00
NON-MEMBER Affiliates  £         130.00
Undergraduate  £           35.00



MEMBER Consultants  £         175.00
MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         135.00
MEMBER Affiliates  £         125.00
MEMBER Honorary/Senior Members  £         125.00
NON-MEMBER Consultants  £         245.00
NON-MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         175.00
NON-MEMBER Affiliates  £         155.00
Undergraduate  £           60.00



MEMBER Consultants  £         200.00
MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         170.00
MEMBER Affiliates  £         150.00
MEMBER Honorary/Senior Members  £         150.00
NON-MEMBER Consultants  £         270.00
NON-MEMBER Trainees/Associates  £         200.00
NON-MEMBER Affiliates  £         180.00
Undergraduate  £           85.00